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It’s going to be an issue at your wedding: do you allow children to attend … or not? The key is to establish a consistent kids wedding policy on the front end of your planning process.

You have four clear options:


Anything goes. Let the little children come! You may have lots of friends with growing families. A family-friendly wedding ensures that more of your favorite people can attend your big day. Realistically, ten to twenty percent of a typical wedding guest list can’t attend, and childcare is sometimes an issue. Fewer guests will decline your invitation with this option.


Adults only. Perhaps you’re planning a very formal, evening wedding. Kids just aren’t a good fit, so make your policy known that yours is an affair for the grown ups only. Be prepared to have more declines.


Only children of immediate family members welcome. Blood is thicker than water. You may sincerely want your little nieces and nephews on hand to witness your wedding celebration. After all, you may have close relationships with many of them, and one day as adults, they may be close friends with you. The downside is some guests who are not family may be disgruntled because their own kids couldn’t come. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.


Hire childcare to make it easy for your guests to attend with their young families. This can take several forms. One is to simply reserve a side room at your reception location with a responsible young adult to oversee a pizza meal, video games and/or kids movie.

If the numbers are small enough, you can do the same in a hotel room or even a family member’s home.

It’s your wedding day so it’s your call. If you get pushback from family or friends seeking a loophole in your Kids Wedding Policy, stand firm. Someone is bound to call and attempt to cajole you into making a tiny exception just … for … them.

Don’t do it. You’ll only open the door to hurt feelings on your wedding day with guests who didn’t wiggle through the loophole and feel resentment for shelling out big bucks for a babysitter at home.

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