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Connecticut DJ / MCMany engaged couples don’t realize all of the things that a good wedding DJ does to ensure and enhance the success of a wedding celebration. Sure, playing great music is part of it, but it’s just a slice of our overall responsibilities.

For example, weddings have timelines. A good DJ enforces the timeline so that events and announcements flow according to schedule, which allows the wedding couple to relax and revel in their big day.

Equipment matters. A good wedding DJ offers the right kind of updated equipment that ensures your music sparkles. This is the finely calibrated technology that covers every corner of your venue with beautiful sound without drowning out conversation.

Have you ever attended an event with an an amateur DJ? It can be painful, literally painful, with audio that overwhelms your ears with sheer noise instead of beautiful, controlled music that finds just the right sweet spot for your guests.

Equipment covers more than just sound reinforcement, it involves lighting. Lighting sets the mood, another key element of a good wedding DJ. A company like ours knows how to transform even a plain venue into a palace with our creative lighting options.

Finally, a good wedding DJ is the quarterback of your reception by serving as its Emcee. Actually, this shouldn’t be listed last, because this is such a vital role. Announcements need to made not only in a timely manner, but with flair.

So how much should you invest in a quality, high level DJ entertainment company? Typically, it provides 90% of the fun at only 10% of an entire wedding budget. That’s a deal.

Brian Howard Entertainment and Talent offers the high end equipment and professional talent to make your reception memorable, a fulfillment of your wedding dreams. Check on our availability without obligation.