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Super Sunday is almost here! This year’s Super Bowl halftime show features the Barbadian super star, Rihanna, making her first public performance in five years. Seems like a good time to consider if a Rihanna love song would be a good fit for your upcoming first wedding dance.

“Lift Me Up”

What better place to start than with her hit song, “Lift Me Up,” from the 2022 film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” This R & B ballad was well-received and was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

It ranked high on charts in the US and abroad, reaching #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

The lyrics tap into the need for security found within a loving relationship:

“Lift me up,

Hold me down,

Keep me close,

Safe and sound.”

“You Da One”

Looking for something livelier? How about “You Da One.” Here it is, with lyrics:

It’s hard not to be moved by the pop reggae rhythms employed by Rihanna, and we know the singer herself loves the song:

“You da One’ is one of those records that became very addictive for me. I could not stop listening to this song. It’s very infectious.”

The lyrics are a good fit for a wedding dance:

“You da one that I dream about all day,

You da one that I think about always,

You are the one, so I make sure I’ll behave,

My love is your love, your love is my love.”

Rihanna songs are often profane or laced with either overt or suggested sexual innuendo. Be sure to screen the lyrics first. She’s enjoyed fourteen #1 hits in the U.S. Pretty impressive! By contrast, Sir Elton John has had ‘only’ nine in a considerably longer career than Rihanna.


Her first #1 hit in the US was SOS in 2006. Looking for a love song with a dance-pop beat? This may fit the bill. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an SOS song that employs a Baroque-pop beat instead of dance-pop, you’d better shift gears and go with ABBA’s iconic song of the same name.

On second thought, ABBA’s SOS lyrics are not a good fit for a Long Island wedding!

Whatever the Rihanna love song, we have the tech to make the music sound pure and clear, just the way Rihanna (or ABBA!) would want you to hear it. Check out our availability right now without obligation.

Regarding this Sunday’s Super Bowl, we hope your team wins!